South East Podiatry and Medifoot Podiatry are proud to offer the absolute latest technology in the treatment of UGLY TOENAILS! PACT® NAIL FUNGUS THERAPY is an easy, cost effective solution for those UNSIGHTLY TOENAILS!

UGLY TOENAILS are typical a result of a FUNGAL INFECTION OF THE NAIL closely related to TINEA OF THE FEET.

Caused by an infective organism called DERMATOPHYTES, FUNGAL NAIL INFECTIONS of the TOENAILS are often considered UGLY, and in certain circumstances can spread to other nails.

Almost 10% of the population in Australia suffer from this UNSIGHTLY TOENAIL complaint, however many do not seek the appropriate therapy to CURE THE FUNGAL NAIL INFECTION.

To date, the most common FUNGAL NAIL TREATMENTS consisted of:

  2. Oral medications – possess side effects that are often very uncomfortable, and the typical course is 6 – 12 months.
  3. Laser Therapy – a method of using heat to destroy the NAIL FUNGUS. By using heat this therapy has limitations on who it can be used on, not to mention the typical treatment cost is between $700-$1000 FOR A SINGLE TREATMENT. It can also destroy healthy tissue if not applied correctly.

PACT® NAIL FUNGUS TREATMENT uses the latest developments in chemical therapies where a specific biochemical gel is applied to the INFECTED TOENAIL, and using a specially designed light apparatus the gel targets ONLY THE FUNGAL ELEMENTS without destroying healthy nail!

The nail is firstly prepared by the podiatrist through physical reduction, or combined physical/chemical reduction depending on the severity of the infection.

Following preparation, the gel is applied and 10 minutes later the light apparatus is positioned over the nail for a further 10 minutes. It is NOT PAINFUL, EASY TO APPLY and EFFECTIVE.

Best of all, the cost per session is not much more than a regular consultation cost!*

Don’t delay, book an appointment now to get rid of those UGLY TOENAILS before summer arrives!!

*costs may vary depending on infection severity, and number of nails.