How is my foot affected through having Diabetes?


  • Diabetes damages the nerves to reduce sensation. This is called peripheral neuropathy.
  • Diabetes also affect the circulation. Poor circulation can affect the ability of the body to heal when damage occurs.
  • Diabetes can also affect the joints, making them stiff or sore.
  • Those with diabetes are more prone to infection – the body’s processes that normally fight infection respond slower and often have trouble getting to infections due to the poor circulation.

How can I improve my foot health?

  1. See a podiatrist at least annually and begin these 8 steps!
  2. Wash your feet daily and dry very carefully, especially between the toes.
  3. Inspect your foot daily (check sores, cuts, bruises, changes to the toenails; use a mirror to look under the foot if you can not see it).
  4. Look after your health (loose weight; stop smoking; exercise; reduce your alcohol consumption).
  5. Cut toenails straight across and never cut into the corners.
  6. Do not try to remove corns and callus yourself – see a Podiatrist for this; NEVER use commercial corn cures.
  7. Avoid going barefoot, even in your own home (this lessens the chance of some accidental damage).
  8. Fitting of footwear is very important. Poorly fitted shoes are a common cause of problems in the foot of those with diabetes.
  9. Never wear tight socks or hosiery. This can cut off circulation to your feet!