Orthotic FitFunctional Orthotics are used for a wide variety of lower limb complaints. At South East Podiatry we pride ourselves on the most up to date research regarding orthotic usage and implanting as part of a global treatment program that often involves a range of interventions.

Our approach to orthotic devices is to maximise patient comfort whilst maintaining adequate corrective control for optimal satisfaction. The patient is often prescribed a stringent exercise routine to compliment the orthotic implementation, and reviewed periodically to ensure satisfaction and appropriate results.

The process of orthotic prescription will vary dependent on the age of the patient, their circumstance and needs. Children with flat foot abnormalities generally require a prefabricated device, and only in extreme circumstance will a custom made device be suggested.

foot scan and orthotic processAdolescents and adults are often recommended custom made functional orthotics if clinically indicated. Here the patient is thoroughly assessed using state of the art digital analysis software. Once the problem zones are highlighted, a Digital 3D Laser scan of the foot is taken (or scanned from a plaster mould in some cases) and the orthotic is created using advanced orthotic design software sourced from the UK. The design and prescription is 99.9% accurate to the patient’s foot ensuring maximum comfort and conformability.

Every patient is extensively screened and educated for orthoses and concurrently placed on appropriate physical therapies to address many abnormalities.

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